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Rare & collectible editions Poesia Visiva

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Klankteksten visuele teksten konkrete poëzie

Sound texts visual texts concrete poetry

Akustische texte visuelle texte konkrete poesie

Liesbeth Crommelin [Ed.]

Essay by: Paul de Vree, Bob Cobbing, Reinhard Döhl

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1971

4to. 230 pp. Text in German, English and Dutch.

€ 600,00

(very good condition with dust jacket

This exhibition was organised in November 1970 by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, whose director was Liebeth Crommelin, and was curated by Hansjörg Mayer (DE), Reinhard Döhl (DE), Bob Cobbing (UK) and Paul De Vree (BE). The following year the show travelled to the International Cultural Centre (ICC) in Antwerp and subsequently to Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Liverpool and Oxford.

The exhibition was subdivided into various sections: a didactic section in which several forms and work methods in visual poetry were displayed; and the presentation of the diversity of constellations and adaptations (primarily typographic) subdivided into various groupings or geographic regions. The exhibition thus ran the risk of taking a historicizing approach. De Vree was the great advocate for turning things around by the creation of a third section entitled Open End. This more future-oriented section included poetic work by artists who also used other visual means besides the merely typographic, and thereby often incorporated clear expressions of socio-political or conceptual ideas. Most of these poets would later come together in Lotta poetica, the international journal for artists founded by Sarenco and Paul De Vree in 1971.

Inside the catalog


1) Dutch newspaper clipping (DS – Woensdag 16 december 1970) containing the review of the exhibition

2) 4 pages french magazine (Réalités num double juliet-aout 1968)

Ugo Carrega di traverso

Ugo Carrega

“… di traverso a la Mente eccetera …” 

Pag. 576,  20 x 14 cm

1999, Adriano Parise Editore, Colognola ai colli (VR)

€ 100,00 (Nuovo- New) 





Luciano Caruso

Lettera alla figlia dell’editore

Con uno scritto introduttivo di S. M. Martini e un’appendice

Livorno, Belforte Editore Libraio , 1983. Cm. 13×17 : pp. 46.

€ 600,00 (Very good condition Very Rare)


Disegni originali ft. Edizione stampata in 900 esemplari di cui 100 copie numerate da I a C (nostro Esemplare XX/C.) contenenti un calligramma su 4 pag. ft. Invio autografo dell’autore sulla prima carta bianca.

Libro d’artista prima edizione

Henri Chopin

La Conference de Yalta The Conference of Yalta La Conferenza di Yalta


(cm 31 x 22 ), Pag: 68

1986 Edizioni Morra Napoli

€ 350,00 (NEW)

Bernard Heidsieck

Canal Street – 13 extraits (1976)

1985, Artalect, Paris


Side A
Total length: 23’35”

Side B
Total length: 31’54”

Sold – Non disponibile / Not available

Bernard Heidsieck


Artist book + CD.
Unpaginated. Hardcover. 23.7 x 17.3 cm.

Two bilingual French-English forewords by B. Heidsieck. Poem in French.
CD inserted inside the back cover, recording of the poem “Vaduz”.

Archivio Francesco Conz Associazione Culturale, Venice, Italy, 1998. First edition.
Edition size: 1,000.

€ 350,00 (as NEW)


(Isidore Isou, Maurice Lemaitre, Roland Sabatier, Alain Satie, François Poyet, Gerard-Philippe Broutin)

A cura di Gabriele-Aldo Bertozzi e Christian Schlatter

Galleria Vivita, 1989, 68 pag.

€ 50,00  (as NEW)

Giulia Niccolai

Poema & Oggetto

Torino , Geiger “sperimentale” n°33

220x160mm, 64p.

Libro d’artista prima edizione (400 ex.)

Sold – Non disponibile / Not available

Lamberto Pignotti

Identikit di un’idea

Campanotto editore, 2003,  176 pagine

Sold – Non disponibile / Not available


Kurt Schwitters – Jaap Blonk ‎– Ursonate

BVHAAST Records ‎– BVHAAST 063 Vinyl, LP, Album


Sold – Non disponibile / Not available

Patrizia Vicinelli à, a. A

Lerici editori, Milano 1967

pp. 40, 25 x 20.5 cm.

Libro d’artista prima edizione

Sold – Non disponibile / Not available

Emilio Villa


Nota di Stelio Maria Martini

Pag: 22  Italiano. LIMITED EDITION ( 500 COPIES)

1997, Edizioni Morra Napoli

€ 140,00 (Nuovo- New)


Pag: 24  Italiano/Greco

1999, Edizioni Morra Napoli

(edizione di 500 esemplari, n.465/500)

€ 100,00 (Nuovo- New)


Prefazione di Rosario Boenzi, con una nota di Stelio Maria Martini, e una lettera di Mario Diacono.

Pag: 64  Italiano

2003, Edizioni Morra Napoli

€ 120,00 (Nuovo- New) 


Pag. 32, con un testo di LUCA/luigi castellano, edizione in 500 esemplari


1997, Edizioni Morra Napoli

€ 150,00 (Nuovo- New)


Soft cover. Condition: As New. 1st Edition.  21 x 30 cm

7 stapled mimeographed sheets on paperback publishing black. br.

Published in 500 copies.

1978, Edizioni Morra Napoli

€ 250,00 (Nuovo- New) 

Heurarium 1961

4to, pag. 74, Brossura (wrappers) 

Roma, Edizioni ex 1961 Prima edizione (First Edition)

Ottimo esemplare / excellent item

€ 1.200,00

Collection of experimental poems, inspired by the calligrams and the free words of the historical avant-garde. With this book, one of the author’s most important, the adventure begins within the group of visual poets, known the previous year, in 1960 (Stelio Maria Martini and Luciano. Caruso in particular), which developed over the course of the 60s along the pages of the self-produced magazine «Ex» (5 issues from 61 to 68 came out) under whose aegis this book is published. – «[.] Also contains three of the six texts that appeared in Un Eden précox, the very rare debut published in only 34 copies in 1957» (Festanti). Festanti, Emilio Villa Archive, p. 66 in 4 °, crême paperback printed in black on the plates, with free word graphics by the author, pp. 74 [6]. Original edition. crême paperback printed in black on the plates, with free word graphics by the author.

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