Intermittenze di ritmi visivi: il cinema di Christian Lebrat

Intermittenze di ritmi visivi: il cinema di Christian Lebrat

A cura di Piero Pala

Giovedì 21 febbraio 2002

Filmstudio, via degli Orti d’Alibert, 1/c, Roma

Proiezioni 17:30-19:00-22:00

h. 20:15 incontro con il filmmaker, introduce Stefano Masi


Film numero deux, 1976, 16mm, col, 3’

 Couleur delicieuses sur fond bleu, 1976, 16mm, col, 10’

Oganisation II, 1977, 16mm, col, 5’

Reseaux, 1978, 16mm, col, 10’

                  Trama, 1978-80, 16mm, col, sound, 12’

Autoportrait au dispositif, 1981, 16 mm, col, 7’


Holon, 1981-82, 16mm, col, 14’


Le moteur de l’action, 1985, 16mm, b/w, sound, 8’30’’


Christian Lebrat, born in 1952 in Paris (F), is an internationally acclaimed artist with a career spanning over 30 years. He is a filmmaker, video artist, performance artist and photographer, as well as a publisher, curator and writer. Since 1976 he has created over twenty experimental films, videos, and film performances, along with a formidable body of photographic work. In the last ten years he has had over a dozen major retrospectives of his films in different international cities. He began working in photography in 1978 and has been exhibiting regularly since 1982. Recent solo exhibitions in Marseille, Pantin (France),TorontoandItalyshow new works in film, video, photography, and sculpture. His works are in several public collections, such as: Musée national d’art moderne (Centre Pompidou), FNAC, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Photographe, il débute la photographie en 1978, en même temps que le cinéma, et développe plusieurs travaux (« rubans photographiques », « rideaux » et « autoportraits »). Il expose régulièrement depuis 1982. Ses œuvres font partie de plusieurs collections publiques (FNAC, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Fonds d’art contemporain de la ville de Pantin, BnF…).

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