Retrospettiva Andrea Flamini

Retrospettiva Andrea Flamini

Measures of Distance, 2008, [ Premiere ]

Screening version of the two-chann el video installation, 2.1 sonoro, colore,  4’

shortmovieaboutnothing (remix) 2005/06

Single-channel version. 2.1 sonoro, colore, 10’,

Melodrama No. 8 (The Healing Chamber) 2003

Photographs, video-footage, sound, database

Screening version of 3-channel generative video, colore, 2’,

ROMA (The Skin Tucked In Under It), 2007

Single-channel video, 5.1 sonoro, colore, 16’40’’, Part 1 and 2

Kafka, 2003, Found photographs, sound, database.

Screening vers. of the two-ch. generative video inst., 2.1 sonoro, monochrome, 4’

Language Left Inside, 2007

Single-channel. 2.1 sonoro, colore, 4’22’’

The Spider and The Firefly (study for a melodrama)[excerpts ]

2005/06 Single-channel video, 2.1 sonoro, colore, 32’13’’

Impromptu No. 3, 2004

Screening vers. of the two-channel video installation, 2.1, sound, monochrome, 3’

Impromptu No. 2 (Boxer ), 2003, Film footage, database.

Screening vers. of the 2-channel generative vid. inst. – 2.1 sound, monochrome, 3’

Notebook, No.1, 2007

Single-channel video, 2.1 sonoro, colore, 7’01’’

Notebook, No.2, 2007

Single-channel video, 2.1 sonoro, colore, 4’,05’’

Notebook, No.3, 2007

Single-channel video, 2.1 sonoro, colore, 6’,56’’

The Edge of Things, 2008, [ Premiere ]

Single-channel video, 2.1 sonoro, colore, 19’

From 2003 to 2008, Andrea was an Assistant Professor in the Digital Filmmaking Department at the Kansas City Art Institute, where he taught courses in film theory, digital filmmaking and digital photography practices. His work on database narratives has been published by the Labyrinth Research Initiative on Interactive Narrative at the Annenberg Center for Communication of the University of Southern California and has been reviewed in several publications such as RES magazine, and New Digital Cinema: Reinventing the Moving Image – Short Cuts, Film Studies series, by Holly Willis for Wallflower

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