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Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale

Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale

Luglio, 1978

Vinyl, LP


€ 1.500,00

Musical Project by Mino De Martino (ex Giganti) and his wife Terra Di Benedetto, managers of a club in Rome in the early 1970s that offered music and theatre. Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale was the name of the club and also the name under which the two performed live a few times. The recording of the album of the same name took place in 1976, for EMI. However, the record company got scared listening to that strange mixture of electronic and progressive music and dissolved the contract. The couple managed to recover the rights to the recorded material which was published as self-produced in 1978. The album, an evocative sonic journey, is fascinating not only for Di Martino’s use of electronic keyboards, but above all for the extremely expressive voice of the Di Benedetto, who often uses it as an added tool. The experience is short-lived. The two also took part in the tour of Franco Battiato’s Telaio Magnetico.


Horse Rotorvator

Force & Form ‎– ROTA 1, K.422 ‎– ROTA 1


Vinyl, LP

Performer – John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Stephen E. Thrower

One of the most magick moments in the late 80ies” darkest atmospheres and wonderful songwriting (backing vocals by Marc Almond) and Leonard Cohen´s “who by fire” coverversion.


€ 500,00

                                                                         Deäth In Jüne The Wörld Thät Sümmer

New European Recordings, 1986

2 x Vinyl, LP

Douglas Pearce, David Tibet, Andrea James

                                                                 EXCELLENT RECORD CONDITION AND SLEEVE

250,00 (First edit. – Come nuovo- As New)

                                                              EnomisossaB – La merce perfetta

CD agosto 2012

18,00 (Nuovo- New)

EnomisossaB: voce

Riccardo Parravicini: registrazione, campionamenti

Maiu: tastiere, registrazione

Roberto Leardi: percussioni, metalli

Fausto Balbo: registrazione, bordone, emissioni otoacustiche

Alessandro Battistini: basso, bordone

Mixed by Riccardo Parravicini @ Modulo Studio recording in Cuneo

mrminio: photo outside cover

                                                                           First of all, I hate captions. “Oggi a me,  domani a te” ( “Today me, tomorrow you” ) is simply an inscription on  the gates of a cemetery beneath the Barchi Tower. The tower is  the most emblematic sign of the ninth century saracen invasion of the  Alta Val Tanaro, a remote corner of north-western Italy. The place name, Eca Nasagò, is derived from two arabian phoenemes meaning “ferocious” and “battlefield”. It’s in Ormea: a small village on the outskirts of the Piedmontese mountains, it stands above the Ligurian coastline. Ulmosciu, the local dialect, is a weird mix of Piedmontese, Ligurian, Arabian, German and French. There are no similar languages in the area. For example, the train comin’ from the plain in ulmosciu is “sbrivotzu”. Meanwhile the train goin’ down the valley is “scuriatzu”. I’ve used these two rare, unique words, connecting to southern Italian traditions.In fact, at the start of the piece, my pronunciation is Neapolitan. And I’m talkin’ about “A’ livella”, a poem wrote by Totò, one of the greatest actors of the twentieth century.So deeply ancient, early Christian-like, a marvel of our popular literature. It’s about death as a spirit level for everybody; rich and poor.The whole track is a representation of chaos, and of the entropic energy on planet earth.

                                                                        “La merce perfetta”: is made of circles and spirals. I’ve taken the  most bitter phrases of Alberto Camerini’s “Droga”, a cut-up that I sing  in the first verses as a vocal poem then as a soul song. And by the way, It’s not about the meaning of the lyrics, but rather the sound of the words.Using the voice in this way serves to introduce the second stanza: overtunes, glossolalia, falsettos, scat, blues, etc.What I’ve sung is assaulting me from the inside. The last part, the third one, is about sound perception. Therefore we have a drone, a low-pitched bass and glitchings. The singing is  free improvisation, a fifteen minute take one. It’s not perfect (who  cares?) but it’s imbued with emotion, so groovy. The only way to finish the number before getting lost in DPOAEs…But at this point you’re as well just to listen.(EnomisossaB)


Each SoundWalk is 50 minutes of walking adventure through a neighborhood, guided by a local personality, packed full of interviews and cinematic sound effects. SoundWalks are living documentaries about the city, but instead of experiencing it through the remoteness of your TV, you will savor the city in its reality.

New York: CHINATOWN Audio CD, 2003

This walking tour gives you the inside scoop on Chinatown’s opium dens, sweatshops, Buddhist Temples, Chinese Mobsters, and more.” –publisher’s summary

“…If you can’t make the trek to New York City, this is the closest you can come to first-hand experience of the sights, sounds, and personalities of the Lower East Side… Guided by a local personality [Jami Gong], packed full of interviews, insights, recollections, and cinematic sound effects…” publisher’s summary

                                                                         New York: Lower East Side Audio CD, 2003

Listened to while walking on the prescribed route it becomes an intense, exhilarating, embodied experience. — The Wire, April 2003

“Remarkable for the excellence of its design and execution.”

“A Pure Delight.” — The New York Times, Sept 21, 2003

Each CD € 800,00 NEW (wrapped first edition)

                                                                         John Giorno

Raspberry / Pornographic-Poem

1967, The Intravenus Mind

Vinyl, Album, LP


With: Alan Sarret, Ann Ware, Bryce Marden, Henry Geldzahler, John Perreault, Lee Crabtree, Michael McClanathan, Nina Thurman, Patti Oldenberg, Peter Schjeldahl, Robert Rauschenberg, Sarah Dalton, Tod Berrigan, Trisha Brown, Yvonne Rainer

Cover by Les Levine


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IRCAM – Les Années 90

IRCAM – 008 3 x CD, Compilation, 1998

Jean-Louis Agobet, Barry Anderson, Roland Auzet, Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi, Jean-Baptiste Barrière, George Benjamin, Anotoine Bonnet, Pierre Boulez, José-Luis Campana, Edmund J. Campion, Marc-André Dalbavie, Thierry De Mey, Ivan Fedele, Luca Francesconi, Jonathan Harvey, York Höller, Philippe Hurel, Michael Jarrell, Pierre Jodlowski, Cécile Le Prado, Philippe Leroux, Michaël Levinas, Magnus Lindberg, José-Manuel López-López, Philippe Manoury, Yann Maresz, Martin Matalon, Claudy Matherbe, Tristan Murail, Emmanuel Nunes, Michael Obst, François Paris, Brice Pauset, Anne-Marie Reby, Roger Reynolds, Kaija Saariaho, Philippe Schoeller, Marco Stroppa, Karen Tanaka.

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Vedette Records ‎– VSM 38545, 1971

Vinyl, LP


€ 700,00

  • Design [Cover] – Domizia Gandolfi
  • Double Bass – Bruno Tommaso
  • Drums, Trumpet, Whistle [Songwhistle] – Franco Tonani
  • Engineer [Sound Engineer] – Paolo Ketoff
  • Piano, Electric Piano, Soprano Saxophone – Franco D’Andrea
  • Producer – Alberto Alberti

Recorded at Soundworkshop, Rome on April 17 & 19, 1970.
Originally released in 1970 on Vedette VSM 38545.
License courtesy of Vedette Records – Italy.
A very special thanks goes to Sergio Sciascia at Vedette Records.

Hermann Nitsch

Sinfonia Punta Campanella

CD, 2004, Fondazione Morra

€  40,00 (NEW)

Music plays a fundamental role in the life and work of Hermann Nitsch. It has always been one of the founding elements of his Orgien Misterien Theater (Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries). The initial use of music as purely functional to action was later replaced with a necessity for autonomous composition, in which music finds its own role, independent from the theatrical sphere. Nitsch’s poetic is made up of strong contrasts where music represents the syntax of his theatre. Going through the scores it’s possible to see how the sound image guides the flow of action. The roots of this music can be traced in the excess, the scream and the uproar. The most extreme excitation is connected to the most extreme manifestation of noise.

If at the beginning of his work the casual dimension was necessary in order to discover new forms, this later becomes an integral element of the complexity of the theatrical structure. The events within the O.M. Theater consist of an aesthetic of chance but are strongly structured, and their structure is guided by a musical weave.

The Punta Campanella Symphony

is a clear example of an expression of the autonomous activity of Nitsch the composer. Here it is possible to see all the fundamental elements of his poetics. The aesthetic and Dionysian dimension are clearly announced by the continuous play of construction and destruction of musical forms. The highly dramatic dimension is rendered extreme by the extended crescendo and by a play of contrasts which go from chiarissimo to scurissimo.
Performed by Orchestra Xenarmonica del Conservatorio di Palermo including more than 40 musicians plus local folk bands, this Symphony in four movements was recorded during the World Premiere on September 22, 2004 at Punta Campanella, Naples, in front of the Capri Island at sunset.
This set comes in a luxury full colour digipack and slipcase, including a 28 pages booklet with photos from the event, scores as well as two essays titled “The O.M. Theater’s Music” and “Punta Campanella Symphony”. Privately issued by the art gallery that organised the performance in order to document the event.

Peter Mettler


CD € 35,00 (NEW)

Featuring original music by Peter Bräker, Fred Frith and DJ Dimitri de Perrot. Also music by Henryk Gorecki, Jim O’Rourke and others.

Limited quantity, no repress.




LONTANO Homage to Giacinto Scelsi

€ 30,00 (CD Nuovo- New)

With: Sebastien Roux/EddieLadoire, Rafael Toral, Elio Martuscello, David Toop, Skoltz-Kolgen, Scanner, KK NULL, Alvin Curran, Efzeg, Eddie Prevost/John Butcher, Lawerence English, Rhodri Davies/Joe Williamson/Stefano Tedesco, Oliva Block

Second Limited Edition – June 2010
Printed in UK – 300 numbered copies
Cover by Riccardo Arena

This compilation is conceived, curated and produced by Stefano Tedesco

Michael Snow

Music For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder

Chatham Square Productions, 2 x Vinyl, LP, 1975


€ 800,00

Filmmaker and artist Michael Snow tends towards the avant-garde in everything he does, and this musical work, initially released in 1975, is no exception. This is Music For Piano, Whistling, Microphone and Tape Recorder, and the results of that set-up are a beguiling whirl of sounds and silences well worth your time.

Sol Invictus

Against The Modern World

Vinyl, LP

L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords 1988

Fantastic debut for Tony Wakeford’s band

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