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Ugo Carrega di traverso

Ugo Carrega “… di traverso a la Mente eccetera …

576 pag, cm 20×14, Adriano Parise Editore, Colognola ai colli (VR), 1999

€ 50,00



Pierre Hébert

“Tropismes”, 104 disegni di P. H. in omaggio a Natalie Sarraute, 2012, € 22,00


Pierre Hébert

L’Ange et l’automate : propos sur le cinéma d’animation et autres sujets.

Laval, Québec: Les 400 coups, 1999, 294 pag. French, € 30,00


€ 15,00

Testi di Michele Böhm, Costantino Ciervo, Luigi Meneghelli, Piero Pala, Enzo Nicola Terzano
Pubblicato in occasione della MOSTRA del CINEMA D’ARTISTA ITALIANO
A cura di Piero Pala
edizione 2008, 15 x 21 cm
136 pag. Italiano/English


Roses: Francoise & Daniel Cartier

by Martin Gasser; Michael Stauffer; Sylvie Henguely

€  60,00 

128 pag, 10.5 x 8.1 x 0.5 inches, Arthur Niggli; Multilingu edition (December, 2006)

An enchanting valentine of photograms images made by placing an object on light-sensitive paper, exposing it to light and then fixing the image. Playing, perhaps, with the implications of the nuanced shades of pink created by the process, Swiss artists Francoise and Daniel Cartier have produced a subversive bouquet of “roses” including images of women’s lace panties and brassieres, clothing and even locks of hair and jewelry. Other works included in this retrospective collection are black and white photos and x-ray-style images, some catalyzed by a sculptural work, all combining into a surprising body of work commenting on the concepts of purity and impurity. Commentary by Martin Gasser, Michael Stauffer and Sylvie Henguely.



“Des Peintures animées/Die LaufendenFarbilder/Animated paintings”                             

Un livre de Olivier COTTE (France / Suisse – 2004)

€ 40,00 

Album cartonné
Format 25 x 17,5 cm
210 pages couleurs

Texte Français / Allemand / Anglais

Turi Simeti 1960-2010 Maretti

Turi Simeti 1960 – 2010

Testi di Bruno Corà e Sergio Troisi in italiano e inglese

126 pag, cm 24 x 22 x 1.2

Christian Maretti Editore

€ 30,00libri3

Il cinema di Jean-Marie Straub e Danièle Huillet 

“Quando il verde della terra di nuovo brillerà”    € 30,00

A cura di Piero Spila

2001, Bulzoni, 359 pag.  







LONTANO Homage to Giacinto Sclesi    € 15,00

With: Sebastien Roux/EddieLadoire, Rafael Toral, Elio Martuscello, David Toop, Skoltz-Kolgen, Scanner, KK NULL, Alvin Curran, Efzeg, Eddie Prevost/John Butcher, Lawerence English, Rhodri Davies/Joe Williamson/Stefano Tedesco, Oliva Block

Second Limited Edition – June 2010
Printed in UK – 300 numbered copies
Cover by Riccardo Arena

This compilation is conceived, curated and produced by Stefano Tedesco

EnomisossaB la merce perfetta 2012


EnomisossaB – La merce perfetta, CD agosto 2012, EU 12,00                                          

EnomisossaB: voce                          

Riccardo Parravicini: registrazione, campionamenti 

Maiu: tastiere, registrazione                                                                         

Roberto Leardi: percussioni, metalli          

Fausto Balbo: registrazione, bordone, emissioni otoacustiche         

Alessandro Battistini: basso, bordone

Mixed by Riccardo Parravicini @ Modulo Studio recording in Cuneo 

mrminio: photo outside cover

First of all, I hate captions.
“Oggi a me,  domani a te” ( “Today me, tomorrow you” ) is simply an inscription on  the gates of a cemetery beneath the Barchi Tower.
The tower is  the most emblematic sign of the ninth century saracen invasion of the  Alta Val Tanaro, a remote corner of north-western Italy.
The place name, Eca Nasagò, is derived from two arabian phoenemes meaning “ferocious” and “battlefield”.
It’s in Ormea: a small village on the outskirts of the Piedmontese mountains, it stands above the Ligurian coastline.
Ulmosciu, the local dialect, is a weird mix of Piedmontese, Ligurian, Arabian, German and French.
There are no similar languages in the area.
For example, the train comin’ from the plain in ulmosciu is “sbrivotzu”.
Meanwhile the train goin’ down the valley is “scuriatzu”.
I’ve used these two rare, unique words, connecting to southern Italian traditions.
In fact, at the start of the piece, my pronunciation is Neapolitan.
And I’m talkin’ about “A’ livella”, a poem wrote by Totò, one of the greatest actors of the twentieth century.
So deeply ancient, early Christian-like, a marvel of our popular literature.
It’s about death as a spirit level for everybody; rich and poor.
The whole track is a representation of chaos, and of the entropic energy on planet earth.
“La merce perfetta” is made of circles and spirals.
I’ve taken the  most bitter phrases of Alberto Camerini’s “Droga”, a cut-up that I sing  in the first verses as a vocal poem then as a soul song.
And by the way, It’s not about the meaning of the lyrics, but rather the sound of the words.
Using the voice in this way serves to introduce the second stanza: overtunes, glossolalia, falsettos, scat, blues, etc.
What I’ve sung is assaulting me from the inside.
The last part, the third one, is about sound perception. Therefore we have a drone, a low-pitched bass and glitchings.
The singing is  free improvisation, a fifteen minute take one. It’s not perfect (who  cares?) but it’s imbued with emotion, so groovy.
The only way to finish the number before getting lost in DPOAEs…
But at this point you’re as well just to listen.(EnomisossaB)
Per ordini:

Independent Film Show 4th Edition

Independent Film Show 4th Edition

 organaized by e-m arts/Fondazione Morra  

palazzo dello spagnuolo, via vergini, 19

 Napoli dal 1 al 4 dicembre 2004

Enigmatico Stilnovo: dalla velocità al frammento (Sample from I.E.C.)

curated by Piero Pala 

Pippo Oriani, Velocità

1930-1931, Futurista Film, Torino, Italia, 35mm, b/w, silent, 13 min. (24 fps)

Dir.: Tina Cordero, Guido Martina, P. Oriani; sc.: Cordero, Martina; art dir.: Oriani.

                                        Mario Franco, L’enigma di Isidore Ducasse

1972, Italia, 16mm on DVD, colour, music by John Cage, 7 min.

Paolo Gioli, L’operatore Perforato, 1979, Italia, 16mm, b/w, silent, 10 min.

Giovanna Puggioni, Oltremare, 1985, Italia, 16mm, colour, silent, 9 min.
Massimo Drago, Actresstress

 1987-2004, Italia, S8mm on DVD, colour, music by T.A.C., 4 min.

Maricò Valente, Escuié
 2000, France/Italia, S16 mm on DVD, colour, sound, 7 min.

Ampelio Zappalorto, S, 2000, Italia, S8mm on DVD, colour, sound, 18 min.

Costantino Cervo, Pale-Judea, 2002, Germany, DVD, colour, sound, 10 min.

Arcangelo Mazzoleni, Sole Nero,2003, Italia, 16mm & DVD, colour

 music from Le Quattro Stagioni (Estate-Presto) by Antonio Vivaldi, 2 min. 30 sec.

Mauro Santini, Da lontano

2003, Italia, DV, colour, sound & music by Mario Mariani, 7 min. 30 sec.



Adriano Abbado, Wonokromo, 2004, Italia, DVD, b/w, silent, 6 min.