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Rare Editions (books, videos, posters, photos) Ltd






– Chris Burden                                                                                                                  

Documentation of Selected Works 1971-74 (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

colour and b&w, sound, 34:38 min. 


€ 1.000,00 

This compilation is an historical document of one of the most extreme manifestations of 1970s conceptual performance art. Included are the infamous Shoot (1971), in which Burden allows himself to be shot in the arm; Bed Piece (1972), in which he stayed in bed in a gallery for twenty-two days; and the notorious Through the Night Softly (1973), which featured Burden, arms tied behind his naked torso, dragging himself over shards of broken glass. Also included are: 220 (1971) Deadman (1972) Fire Roll (1973) Icarus (1973) B.C. Mexico (1973)  TV Ad (1973) Back to You (1974) Velvet Water (1974).

Heniz Cibulka mein korper

Heinz Cibulka


Il Mio Corpo nelle Azioni di Nitsch e Schwarzkogler/ 1965-1975

Rare book documenting Cibulka’s partecipation in Viennese Actionist events in the critical decade of 1965-1975, with many of the photographs showing extremely graphic and disturbing images of the desecretion of the body. 

1977, 162 pag with 140 photographic plates, Edizioni Morra Napoli

€ 300,00


Hermann Nitsch 1960-1987 museo diego aragona

Hermann Nitsch 1960-1987

Catalogo mostra a cura di Rudi Fuchs, Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes, Napoli
Testi di Günter Brus, Matteo D’ambrosio, Rudi Fuchs, etc, 127 pag, cm 23×17

€  70,00

Hermann Nitsch Casina Vanvitelliana del Fusaro

Hermann Nitsch, O.M THEATER,

Catalogo Casina Vanvitelliana del Fusaro, 1994

Testi di ABO, Angelo Trimarco, Libero De Cunzo, Vincenzo Trione, etc, 142pag, cm 31×22

€  80,00


– Andrea Flamini                                                                                                                                 


15×11.5 hardcover, 24pp, 16 plates, 2009. Edition of 200

€ 160,00 


– Andrea Flamini                                                                                                            

n4 (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

Book + DVD. 7×7 hardcover, 40pp, 2009. Edition of 200                                                                       

On the DVD: n4, single-channel video, stereo sound, color, 14min 58s, loop.

€  85,00 

– Maurice Lemaître 

Le film est dejà commencè? Seance de cinema 

Preface de Jean Isidore Isou.

Editions Andrè Bonne, Paris, 1952, cm 18,5×12, pag 181, br edit, sovrac ill, fascetta, con qc, tav in b/n (condition As New) Rare.


Antoni Muntadas Media Architecture Installations

Antoni Muntadas

Media Architecture Installations

Interom directed by Antoni Muntadas with the collaboration of Anne-Marie Duguet

€ 145,00

This project is an Interom that Muntadas defines as a format combining a CD-ROM and an exit on Internet. It is part of a series of works that investigates contemporary social spaces through architecture and media archetypes. An imaginary space.
An hybrid space composed by different sorts of functions and “values” based on concepts, displacements, projects and process, all related to a series of Muntadas’s works “Media Architecture Installations”
This project tries to make connections between the works traveling through their physical space and their discourse.

publisher : Centre Pompidou, September 1999

coproduction : Université de Paris 1 (CRECA) / Centre Georges Pompidou
with the cooperation of  Ministère de la Culture, Délégation aux Arts Plastiques (FIACRE)
with the participation of Fundación Arte y Technologia (Madrid),  Fundación la « Caixa » (Barcelona),  Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Le Métafort d’Aubervilliers,  Fonds franco-américain pour l’art contemporain « Etant donnés » and ZKM Institute or Visual Media (Karlsruhe).















– Raphael Montanez Ortiz 

Introspective: late 1950’s- late 1980’s /1996,  60 min.

(last available copy! – Last items in stock!)


€ 1000,00 

A selection of works from the late 1950’s – late 1980’s which begins with one of a number of piano destruction concerts performed at the DESTRUCTION IN ART SYMPOSIUM held in London England in 1966 / Inclued are de-struction piano concert fall-out-installation, PIANO DUET FOR HUELSENBACK / a recreation for my retrospective of 1988 at the Museo del barrio NYC, of a 1967 work performed at Judson church NYC , an audience participation piece, DE-STRUCTURATION-ROOM. : Everything in the room is destroyed by the opening night public / also included here are excerpts of 1957-58 8mm film, ritually de-structured 16 mm film / laser-video-film computer de construction animations first begun in 1983, first exhibited in the 1984 Joseph Papps-public theatre, latin american, film-video festival / 1982-83 computer generated music & graphics / 1961-65 ritually de-structured furniture sculpture / De-structuration performance ritual / 1965 penny-candy assemblages / Late 50’s – very early 60’s paper towel, paper cups and toilet paper construction-destructions / 1975 Maya Zemi Dream Works / etc.


Pino Pascali , fotografia di Ugo Mulas: 1968. Galleria L’Attico, Roma.

Manifesto cm 60×100  b/n.

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Luca Maria Patella manifesto del film SKMP2, di Luca Maria Patella, con Jannis e Efi Kounellis, Eliseo Mattiacci, Pino Pascali, Luca e Rosa Patella, Fabio Sargentini,  1968. L’Attico, Roma.

Manifesto cm 68,5×100

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Claudio AbatePino Pascali 65

Claudio Abbate, Pino Pascali, 1965, Photography cm 40,x30    

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– Wolf Vostell

Vostell 60 / Rückblick 1992 /(75′)

VHS PAL (limited edition of 100 signed)

 € 500,00 

1. Aktionen (8’37”) – 1954 bis 1992 (Stadtmuseum Köln)

2. Environments (16’13”) – 1958 bis 1991 (Kunsthalle, Köln)

3. Papierarbeiten (5’32”) -1955 bis 1991 (Kunsthalle Mannheim)

4. Grafik & Multiples (5’59”) 

5. Bilder (22’22”) – 1954 bis 1991 (Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn)

6. TV-Video & Intermedia (19’32”) 1958 bis 91 (Städtisches Museum Mühlheim/Ruhr)

Musik: “Le Cri” von Wolf Vostell



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