Independent Film Show 3rd Edition


Independent Film Show 3rd Edition

organaized by e-m arts/Fondazione Morra

palazzo dello spagnuolo, via vergini, 19, Napoli

dal 9 al 12 ottobre 2003


Decibel versus celluloid
curated by Piero Pala



 Ken Jacobs” Little Stabs at Happiness”

1958-1963, USA, 16 mm, colore, sonoro, 15 min.

Bruce Conner” Looking for the Mushrooms”

1961-1996, USA, 16 mm, colore, musica di Terry Riley, 15 min.


Ira Cohen “The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda”

1968, USA, Vhs, colore, musica di Angus MacLise, 20 min.

Pip Chodorov “Charlemagne 2: Piltzer”

2002, FRA, 16mm, colore, musica di Charlemagne Palestine, 22 min.


Julius Ziz” Etle cochon fut né”(and the pig was born)

2000, USA/FRA 16mm, colore & b/n, musica di Auguste Varkalis, 23 min