Enigmatico Stilnovo N°1

Enigmatico Stilnovo N°1


Silvio e Vittorio Loffredo

LE COURT BOUILLON, 1951-’62, 8mm su DVD , b/n, 30’

courtesy Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci – Prato

Pietro Ferrua


1988, Super 8mm su Beta SP, colore, vers. francese, 45’

Mario Franco

L’ENIGMA DI ISIDORE DUCASSE,1971, 16mm , colore, musica di John Cage, 7‘

Paolo Gioli

HILARISDOPPIO, 1972, 16mm, b/n, 25’

Arcangelo Mazzoleni

AURÈLIA, 1980, Super 8 su DVD , colore, sonoro, 10’

Massimo Drago

ACTRESSTRESS, 1987-2004, Super 8mm su DVD, colore, sonoro7’

Montaggio: Elisabetta Saiu (2004)

Musica: T.A.C. (2004)

2008, b/n, 4’39’’


Pietro D’Agostino, senza titoo, 2008, b/n, 4’39”

Vittorio and Silvio Loffredo, in the second half of the 1930s in Paris, using film excerpts found at flea markets, created a memorable collage film: « Le Court Bouillon ».

Massimo Drago of Sicilian origin, lives and works in Cagliari, Italy. Graduated in contemporary history. In 1989 he made his first work about the Berlin wall. Since 2000 he work professionally for private clients and public authorities. He takes part in many photographic campaigns made in Sardinia. His work revolves around the analysis of the urban space and landscape, documenting its contradictory and constantly changing aspects, and examining the relationship between the city, the outskirts and the countryside in depth.
His work has been exhibited in Italy, China, France, Germany and Netherlands.


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