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Audio / Sound – 7”- 12”- LP – CD – Box Set

Audio / Sound – 7”- 12”- LP – CD – Box Set


EnomisossaB – La merce perfetta, CD agosto 2012,

EU 18,00 (Nuovo- New)

EnomisossaB: voce

Riccardo Parravicini: registrazione, campionamenti

Maiu: tastiere, registrazione

Roberto Leardi: percussioni, metalli

Fausto Balbo: registrazione, bordone, emissioni otoacustiche

Alessandro Battistini: basso, bordone

Mixed by Riccardo Parravicini @ Modulo Studio recording in Cuneo

mrminio: photo outside coverFirst of all, I hate captions.“Oggi a me,  domani a te” ( “Today me, tomorrow you” ) is simply an inscription on  the gates of a cemetery beneath the Barchi Tower.The tower is  the most emblematic sign of the ninth century saracen invasion of the  Alta Val Tanaro, a remote corner of north-western Italy.The place name, Eca Nasagò, is derived from two arabian phoenemes meaning “ferocious” and “battlefield”.It’s in Ormea: a small village on the outskirts of the Piedmontese mountains, it stands above the Ligurian coastline.Ulmosciu, the local dialect, is a weird mix of Piedmontese, Ligurian, Arabian, German and French.There are no similar languages in the area.For example, the train comin’ from the plain in ulmosciu is “sbrivotzu”.Meanwhile the train goin’ down the valley is “scuriatzu”.I’ve used these two rare, unique words, connecting to southern Italian traditions.In fact, at the start of the piece, my pronunciation is Neapolitan.And I’m talkin’ about “A’ livella”, a poem wrote by Totò, one of the greatest actors of the twentieth century.So deeply ancient, early Christian-like, a marvel of our popular literature.It’s about death as a spirit level for everybody; rich and poor.The whole track is a representation of chaos, and of the entropic energy on planet earth.“La merce perfetta” is made of circles and spirals.I’ve taken the  most bitter phrases of Alberto Camerini’s “Droga”, a cut-up that I sing  in the first verses as a vocal poem then as a soul song.And by the way, It’s not about the meaning of the lyrics, but rather the sound of the words.Using the voice in this way serves to introduce the second stanza: overtunes, glossolalia, falsettos, scat, blues, etc.What I’ve sung is assaulting me from the inside.The last part, the third one, is about sound perception. Therefore we have a drone, a low-pitched bass and glitchings.The singing is  free improvisation, a fifteen minute take one. It’s not perfect (who  cares?) but it’s imbued with emotion, so groovy.The only way to finish the number before getting lost in DPOAEs…But at this point you’re as well just to listen.(EnomisossaB)

Gorilla Biscuits

Start Today

We Bite Records ‎– WB 054

Vinyl, LP, Album, Germany,1989 (with insert)


€ 400,00

Gerardo Iacoucci

L’Avventura – N. 1



€ 300,00

Gerardo Iacoucci

I Bambini si divertono



€ 300,00

Hermann Nitsch

Sinfonia Punta Campanella

CD, 2004, Fondazione Morra

€  40,00 (NEW)

Music plays a fundamental role in the life and work of Hermann Nitsch. It has always been one of the founding elements of his Orgien Misterien Theater (Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries). The initial use of music as purely functional to action was later replaced with a necessity for autonomous composition, in which music finds its own role, independent from the theatrical sphere. Nitsch’s poetic is made up of strong contrasts where music represents the syntax of his theatre. Going through the scores it’s possible to see how the sound image guides the flow of action. The roots of this music can be traced in the excess, the scream and the uproar. The most extreme excitation is connected to the most extreme manifestation of noise.

If at the beginning of his work the casual dimension was necessary in order to discover new forms, this later becomes an integral element of the complexity of the theatrical structure. The events within the O.M. Theater consist of an aesthetic of chance but are strongly structured, and their structure is guided by a musical weave.
The Punta Campanella Symphony is a clear example of an expression of the autonomous activity of Nitsch the composer. Here it is possible to see all the fundamental elements of his poetics. The aesthetic and Dionysian dimension are clearly announced by the continuous play of construction and destruction of musical forms. The highly dramatic dimension is rendered extreme by the extended crescendo and by a play of contrasts which go from chiarissimo to scurissimo.
Performed by Orchestra Xenarmonica del Conservatorio di Palermo including more than 40 musicians plus local folk bands, this Symphony in four movements was recorded during the World Premiere on September 22, 2004 at Punta Campanella, Naples, in front of the Capri Island at sunset.
This set comes in a luxury full colour digipack and slipcase, including a 28 pages booklet with photos from the event, scores as well as two essays titled “The O.M. Theater’s Music” and “Punta Campanella Symphony”. Privately issued by the art gallery that organised the performance in order to document the event.

The Maytals Never Grow Old, Presenting The Maytals

Studio One, JBL 113, Jamaica, 1963

Produced by C. S. Dodd – coxSone


€ 1.500,00

Peter Mettler


CD € 35,00 (NEW)

Featuring original music by Peter Bräker, Fred Frith and DJ Dimitri de Perrot. Also music by Henryk Gorecki, Jim O’Rourke and others.

Limited quantity, no repress.


Vedette Records ‎– VPA 8434, 1978


€ 700,00

  • Design [Cover] – Domizia Gandolfi
  • Double Bass – Bruno Tommaso
  • Drums, Trumpet, Whistle [Songwhistle] – Franco Tonani
  • Engineer [Sound Engineer] – Paolo Ketoff
  • Piano, Electric Piano, Soprano Saxophone – Franco D’Andrea
  • Producer – Alberto Alberti

Recorded at Soundworkshop, Rome on April 17 & 19, 1970.
Originally released in 1970 on Vedette VSM 385454.
License courtesy of Vedette Records – Italy.
A very special thanks goes to Sergio Sciascia at Vedette Records.

New Trolls

Concerto Grosso Per I New Trolls

Cetra ‎– LPX 8, 1971
Vinyl, LP
€ 300,00


Priority Records – Ruthless Records, 1988

SL 57102


€ 1.500,00

The Original Skatalites Ska Authentic

Studio One, 1967, Jamaica , sol 9006


€ 1.000,00

The Ceyleib People


Recorded by VAULT Records, Los Angeles, 1968

Produced by Mike Deasy for Wednesday Child Productions

Recording engineer: Joe Osborn

Cover painting by Ida and Rick Griffin

Sonic Youth

Goo, 1990

DGC 24297

Vinyl, LP, Album, US

Barcode (Printed): 0 7599-24297-1 9


€ 1.000,00


Each SoundWalk is 50 minutes of walking adventure through a neighborhood, guided by a local personality, packed full of interviews and cinematic sound effects. SoundWalks are living documentaries about the city, but instead of experiencing it through the remoteness of your TV, you will savor the city in its reality.

New York: CHINATOWN Audio CD, 2003

This walking tour gives you the inside scoop on Chinatown’s opium dens, sweatshops, Buddhist Temples, Chinese Mobsters, and more.” –publisher’s summary

New York: Lower East Side Audio CD, 2003

 “…If you can’t make the trek to New York City, this is the closest you can come to first-hand experience of the sights, sounds, and personalities of the Lower East Side… Guided by a local personality [Jami Gong], packed full of interviews, insights, recollections, and cinematic sound effects…” publisher’s summary

Each CD € 800,00 NEW (wrapped first edition)

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Down For You Is Up

LP Easy Flyte Records ‎– Flight 101


€ 300,00

Recorded live in Cleveland the 4th of November 1966.
The record is inside the left page of the fold out sleeve. The right page reads “Down for you is up”, tracklist, and “For promotional use – Not for sale”. Back cover has an Easy Flite logo. The sleeve cardboard is strong.


LONTANO Homage to Giacinto Scelsi    € 30,00 (CD Nuovo- New)

With: Sebastien Roux/EddieLadoire, Rafael Toral, Elio Martuscello, David Toop, Skoltz-Kolgen, Scanner, KK NULL, Alvin Curran, Efzeg, Eddie Prevost/John Butcher, Lawerence English, Rhodri Davies/Joe Williamson/Stefano Tedesco, Oliva Block

Second Limited Edition – June 2010
Printed in UK – 300 numbered copies
Cover by Riccardo Arena

This compilation is conceived, curated and produced by Stefano Tedesco

**SMALL VOICES – picture disc Limited Edition of 150 hand-numbered copies.

Tin Toy ‎– Hello, World! Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Numbered Italy 2003

EU 40,00 (Nuovo- New)


A Hello, World!
B Pulse
  • Photography By [Inlay Card Photo By] – Massimo Drago
  • Sounds [All Sounds] – Cesare Marilungo

LU – Done With A Space-Biter Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Numbered Italy 2003

EU 40,00 (Nuovo- New)


A1 Done With A Space-Biter
A2 Is It Summer?
B Crepuscolo, Crepuscolo, Crepuscolo
  • Music By, Artwork – Gianluca Porcu
  • Photography By [Inlay Card Photo By] – Massimo Drago

It ‎– Displaced Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Numbered Italy 2003

EU 40,00 (Nuovo- New)


A Displaced
B Mirror
  • Layout – M.H. Graphicks
  • Photography By [Inlay Card Photo By] – Massimo Drago
  • Photography By [Photo Picture Disc] – The Consumer (2)
  • Written-By, Producer [Produced By] – Ivan Fusco

Asaf 288 ‎– Dublay Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Numbered Italy 2003

EU 40,00 (Nuovo- New)


A Dublay
B Brain Store
  • Photography By [Inlay Card Photo By] – Massimo drago
  • Recorded By, Producer [Produced By] – Simone Balestrazzi

per ordini / to orders: / +39 333 735 89 83

Rare Editions Video vhs, DVD CD- ROM

Rare Editions

(videos vhs, DVD, CD ROM) Ltd


Lust: 12 Sexy Shorts

Subtitles: ‏German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

2004, Lowave, 80 min. DVD € 150,00 (NEW)


01 Chocolate Sperm, Bosiljka Simonovic

02 Always Sergey, Stefan Weinert

03 Video Montevideo, Patrick Volve

04 Faim De Communication, Caroline Tabet

05 Intention, Evelyne Perard, Veronique Petit

06 1+1-1, Takafumi Muranushi

07 Pron, Michael Betancourt

08 Loosli, Matto Kämpf

09 Sesso Annunciato, Marco Della Fonte

10 Fear And Love In Helsinki, Nofe

11 Palindrome, Menotti Bucco

12 Krieg im Sunshineland, Natalie


Réservé aux adultes

Le DVD Lust : 12 sexy shorts est une production ambitieuse jetant un regard humoristique sur le passe-temps privilégié des hommes et des femmes : la recherche du plaisir ! C’est une ballade cinématographique qui nous mène dans un univers pétillant qui commence par le sexe pour certains et qui se termine par une séparation pour d’autres. Des expériences qui se dissolvent, loin de toute compréhension, dans une vision floue de l’amour. C’est un inventaire non exaustif – et qui pourrait prétendre l’être ici !! – des différentes tactiques d’attaque et de défense dans la lutte permanente contre la solitude. Un univers dans lequel les règles sont simples, mais où les gagnants ne les respectent pas.

Die Fettecke 1986 (Joseph Beuys)

Edited by Michael Bielicky and Ricardo Peredo

1986, 235 Media, Cologne

Video vhs-pal, 40 Min. New € 500,00


The incident at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1986 when a work by Joseph Beuys was removed by employees of the institution is reconstructed and interpreted in Die Fettecke von Joseph Beuys. Bielicky and Peredo allow experts and colleagues (from Klaus Staeck to Nam June Paik) to have their say, and consider their own work experimental, a “video sculpture.” The most important sculptural effect here is that the image appears tipped over at a 45-degree angle. Michael Bielicky and Ricardo Peredo Werde thus garnered the reactions of various sympathisers of Joseph Beuys’ work, which they edited together with images by the artist himself in a kind of audiovisual collage characterised by its great formal liberty (use of a vertical format, modification of image and sounds, etc.).





Chris Burden

Documentation of Selected Works 1971-74

colour and b&w, sound, 34:38 min. 


1990, 235 Media, Cologne

€ 1.500,00 (Nuovo- New) (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

This compilation is an historical document of one of the most extreme manifestations of 1970s conceptual performance art. Included are the infamous Shoot (1971), in which Burden allows himself to be shot in the arm; Bed Piece (1972), in which he stayed in bed in a gallery for twenty-two days; and the notorious Through the Night Softly (1973), which featured Burden, arms tied behind his naked torso, dragging himself over shards of broken glass. Also included are: 220 (1971) Deadman (1972) Fire Roll (1973) Icarus (1973) B.C. Mexico (1973)  TV Ad (1973) Back to You (1974) Velvet Water (1974).


Andrea Flamini                                                                                                            


Book + DVD. 7×7 hardcover, 40pp, 2009. Edition of 200

On the DVD: n4, single-channel video, stereo sound, color, 14min 58s, loop.

€  500,00 (Nuovo- New) (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

Peter Liechti

Signer suitcase – On the Way with the Artist Roman Signer

1996, Colour 85 min / PAL / Switzer original version / Subtitles : German, English, French, Spanish and Portugese.

2007, Absolut Medien

DVD € 250,00 (NEW)


A film from Peter Liechti around the work from Roman Signer. Artistic performances, installations and objects used by Roman Signer.

is a kind of road movie across Europa. From the Swiss Alps to eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland. Always following the scenery’s magically charged contours. Immersing yourself, letting yourself be infected, then travelling on. Roman Signer determines the route that we are moving on and the film improvises along the way.
Being on the road also means tracking down the right places. Signer brings them alive using his own personel instruments, brilliantly simple operations full of subtle humour. «Simple» poems being transmitted into space with INSTRUMENTS as gunpowder, fuse, rubber boots, balloons, stool, small table … and a three wheelded Plaggio.
SIGNERS KOFFER is also a journey through the state of mind. A tightrope walk between fun and melancholy. Danger also mental mental danger becomes the stimulus of the senses. Sudden crashes, abrupt chagnes of mood determine the rythm and atmosphere of this cinematic journey.

‘I show as much of the surroundings as i needed for people to imagine the centre. I don’t want to prove or verify anything, I want to touch something.’ Peter Liechti.

Chris Marker


€ 500,00 (New)

Platform: CD-ROM for MacOS and Windows PC

Production: Coproduction Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne / Les films de l’Astrophore

Edition: Direction des Editions du Centre Pompidou

Date: © 1998

Publisher’s Notes: “Chris Marker organise les fragments marquants de son oeuvre et de sa vie sous forme de “zones” interactives concernant le cinéma, la guerre, les voyages. Il ‘cartographie le pays imaginaire qui s’étend au-dedans de lui.’”

Additional notes: Immemory a été composé avec Hyperstudio […] Traitement d’image: Fractal Design Painter / Adobe Photoshop / Studio 32 / Morph / Kai’s Power Tools.

Selected notes from the CD-ROM booklet by Chris Marker:

“Dans nos moments de rêverie mégalomaniaque, nous avons tendance à voir notre mémoire comme une espèce de livre d’Histoire: nous avons gagné et perdu des batailles, trouvé et perdu des empires. A tout le moins nous sommes les personnages d’un roman classique (‘Quel roman que ma vie!”). Une approche plus modeste et peut-être plus fructueuse serati de considérer les fragments d’une mémoire en terms de géographie. Dans toute vie nous trouverions des continents, des îles, des déserts, des marais, des territoires surpeuplés et des terrae incognitae. De cette mémoire nous pourrions dessiner la carte, extraire des images avec plus de facilité (et de vérité) que des contes et légendes. Que le sujet de cette mémoire se trouve être un photographe et un cinéaste ne veut pas dire que sa mémoire est en soi plus intéressante que celle du monsieur qui passe (et encore moins de la dame), mais simplement qu’il a laissé, lui, des traces sur lesquelles on peut travailler, et des contours pour dresser ses cartes.”

[In our moments of megalomaniacal daydreaming, we tend to view our memory as a kind of History Book: we have won and lost battles, found and lost whole empires. At the very least we are characters from a classic novel (‘My life is such a novel!’).

A more modest and perhaps more fruitful approach would be to consider the fragments of memory in terms of geography. In every life, we would find continents, islands, deserts, swamps, overpopulated territories and terrae incognitae. From this memory we can draw the map, extract images with more ease (and truth) than do stories and legends. That the subject of this memory is found to be a photographer or a filmmaker does not imply that his memory is more interesting than that of any passing gentleman (or moreover, than that of the lady), but simply that he has left traces with which one can work, and contours to help draw up the map.]


Immemory CD-ROM

“Mon hypothèse de travail était que toute mémoire un peu longue est plus structurée qu’il ne semble. Que des photos prises apparemment par hasard, des cartes postales choisies selon l’humeur du moment, à partir d’une certaine quantité commencent à dessiner un itinéraire, à cartographier le pays imaginaire qui s’étend au dedans de nous.”

[My working thesis was that every somewhat extensive memory is more structured than it seems — that photos taken apparently at random, postcards chosen following momentary whims, begin given a certain accumulation to sketch an itinerary, to map the imaginary land that stretches out inside of us.]

“L’Art de la Mémoire’ est […] une très ancienne discipline, tombée (c’est un comble) dans l’oubli à mesure que le divorce entre physiologie et psychologie se consommait. Certains auteurs anciens avaient des méandres de l’esprit une vision plus fonctioinnelle, et c’est Filippo Gesualdo, dans sa Plutosofia (1592) qui propose une image de la mémoire en termes d’«arborescence» parfaitement logicielle, si j’ose cet adjectif.”

[‘The art of memory’ is a very ancient discipline, fallen (that takes the cake!) into oblivion as the divorce between physiology and psychology came to pass. Certain antique authors had a more functional vision of the twists and turns of the mind, and it is Filippo Gesualdo, in his Plutosofia (1592) who proposes an image of memory in terms of ‘branching’ that is perfectly “softwary”, [softwarian?] if I dare use this adjective.]

Jonas Mekas Presente Flux Friends (COLLECTION 15X21) (French Edition)  

Editions du Centre Pompidou (2002)

Pages 160


€  250,00 (Nuovo- New) (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

Special edition in cardboard box covered with various stamps. Contains the 159 page book plus the Re:Voir VHS cassette (52 mins) of ‘Three Friends’ (John Lennon, Joko Ono, George Maciunas) plus a 32 page booklet plus two Re:Voir catalogues. 159 p. : ill., facsims, ports ; 22 cm. Text of Fluxfriends in French, text of booklet in French and English. Slight shelf wear to cardboard box.


Visions of Warhol

Video vhs pal (new)

€ 500,00 (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

-JONAS MEKAS                                                                                                                 AWARD PRESENTATION TO ANDY WARHOL 1963, 12’ with Gerard Malanga, Baby Jane Holzer, Ivy Nicholson, Gregory  Markopoulos…


with Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Sanders, George Maciunas,
Barbara Rubin, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger…

ANDY WARHOL 1965, 18’

with the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico, Ingrid Superstar…

Antoni Muntadas Media Architecture Installations

Antoni Muntadas

Media Architecture Installations

Interom directed by Antoni Muntadas with the collaboration of Anne-Marie Duguet

€ 600,00 (Nuovo- New)

This project is an Interom that Muntadas defines as a format combining a CD-ROM and an exit on Internet. It is part of a series of works that investigates contemporary social spaces through architecture and media archetypes. An imaginary space.
An hybrid space composed by different sorts of functions and “values” based on concepts, displacements, projects and process, all related to a series of Muntadas’s works “Media Architecture Installations”
This project tries to make connections between the works traveling through their physical space and their discourse.

publisher : Centre Pompidou, September 1999

coproduction : Université de Paris 1 (CRECA) / Centre Georges Pompidou
with the cooperation of  Ministère de la Culture, Délégation aux Arts Plastiques (FIACRE)
with the participation of Fundación Arte y Technologia (Madrid),  Fundación la « Caixa » (Barcelona),  Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Le Métafort d’Aubervilliers,  Fonds franco-américain pour l’art contemporain « Etant donnés » and ZKM Institute or Visual Media (Karlsruhe).







Raphael Montanez Ortiz 


A Selection works from the late 1950’s- late 1980’s

60 min.

(last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

Video VHS PAL new

1996, 235 Media, Cologne

€ 1.300,00  (last available copy! – Last items in stock!)

A selection of works from the late 1950’s – late 1980’s which begins with one of a number of piano destruction concerts performed at the DESTRUCTION IN ART SYMPOSIUM held in London England in 1966 / Inclued are de-struction piano concert fall-out-installation, PIANO DUET FOR HUELSENBACK / a recreation for my retrospective of 1988 at the Museo del barrio NYC, of a 1967 work performed at Judson church NYC , an audience participation piece, DE-STRUCTURATION-ROOM. : Everything in the room is destroyed by the opening night public / also included here are excerpts of 1957-58 8mm film, ritually de-structured 16 mm film / laser-video-film computer de construction animations first begun in 1983, first exhibited in the 1984 Joseph Papps-public theatre, latin american, film-video festival / 1982-83 computer generated music & graphics / 1961-65 ritually de-structured furniture sculpture / De-structuration performance ritual / 1965 penny-candy assemblages / Late 50’s – very early 60’s paper towel, paper cups and toilet paper construction-destructions / 1975 Maya Zemi Dream Works / etc.

Cindy Sherman

Office Killer, 1997, USA, 82 min

Cecchi Gori DVD 2007

Cindy Sherman
Carol Kane
David Thornton
Molly Ringwald
  • Inglese, Italiano
  • sottotitoli Italiano

Come la monotona esistenza di Dorine Douglas, placida redattrice di un futile magazine, si trasformò in una sarabanda omicida… Messa alle strette da esigenze di riduzione del personale, la nostra si trova costretta a continuare la sua collaborazione al giornale da esterna: cioè abbandonare la vitalità della redazione e confinarsi nel claustrofobico e monotono universo domestico. Unica forma di comunicazione verso l’esterno, l’asettica e-mail… Nella solitiudine delle sue quattro pareti, Dorine cerca di impadronirsi dei segreti dei software che costituiscono il suo ultimo legame col mondo. E’ in questa esplorazione che finisce accidentalmente per uccidere – via computer – un collega… Ma l’episodio non sconvolge la donna, anzi la tempra. Da questo momento, in un delirio di lucida follia assassina, comincia la mattanza…

€ 150,00 (DVD Nuovo- New)


Wolf Vostell

Vostell 60 / Rückblick 1992 /(75′)

VHS PAL (limited edition of 100 signed)

 € 1000,00 (Nuovo- New)

1. Aktionen (8’37”) – 1954 bis 1992 (Stadtmuseum Köln)

2. Environments (16’13”) – 1958 bis 1991 (Kunsthalle, Köln)

3. Papierarbeiten (5’32”) -1955 bis 1991 (Kunsthalle Mannheim)

4. Grafik & Multiples (5’59”)

5. Bilder (22’22”) – 1954 bis 1991 (Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn)

6. TV-Video & Intermedia (19’32”) 1958 bis 91 (Städtisches Museum Mühlheim/Ruhr)

Musik: “Le Cri” von Wolf Vostell

per ordinazioni: / +39 333 735 89 83