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RMO Raphael Montañez Ortiz

Ramos Javier, Charpenel Patrick, Hatch Kevin, Noriega Chon, Perry Ana, Reyes Pedro

354 pag, language spanish

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The first monograph on Raphael Montañez Ortiz, American artist, educator and founder of New York’s Museo del Barrio With more than 200 color images, primary documents, an exhibition history and previously unpublished texts by the artist, this is the first monograph on multidisciplinary artist Raphael Montañez Ortiz (born 1934).

Giulia Alberico

Il corpo gentile. Conversazione con Massimo Girotti

Interventi di:

Francesco Pettarin, Alberto Abruzzese, Carlo Lizzani

2003 ,Luca Sossella Editore, Roma,

Pag. 128 cm 24×40,5

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Pierre Hébert

“Tropismes”, 104 disegni di P. H. in omaggio a Natalie Sarraute, 2012,

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Pierre Hébert

L’Ange et l’automate : propos sur le cinéma d’animation et autres sujets.

Laval, Québec: Les 400 coups, 1999, 294 pag. French

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Testi di Michele Böhm, Costantino Ciervo, Luigi Meneghelli, Piero Pala, Enzo Nicola Terzano
Pubblicato in occasione della MOSTRA del CINEMA D’ARTISTA ITALIANO
A cura di Piero Pala
edizione 2008, 15 x 21 cm
136 pag. Italiano/English

€ 40,00 (Nuovo- New)


Roses: Francoise & Daniel Cartier

by Martin Gasser; Michael Stauffer; Sylvie Henguely

128 pag, 10.5 x 8.1 x 0.5 inches, Arthur Niggli; Multilingu edition (December, 2006)

€ 60,00 (Nuovo – New)                                         

An enchanting valentine of photograms images made by placing an object on light-sensitive paper, exposing it to light and then fixing the image. Playing, perhaps, with the implications of the nuanced shades of pink created by the process, Swiss artists Francoise and Daniel Cartier have produced a subversive bouquet of “roses” including images of women’s lace panties and brassieres, clothing and even locks of hair and jewelry. Other works included in this retrospective collection are black and white photos and x-ray-style images, some catalyzed by a sculptural work, all combining into a surprising body of work commenting on the concepts of purity and impurity. Commentary by Martin Gasser, Michael Stauffer and Sylvie Henguely.

Miltos Manetas

In my Computer, United Kingdom, 2011

104 pag, tex in english

This book is a collection of essays, interviews, short tales, parables, e-mails and drafts by reknown artist Miltos Manetas (Athens, 1964). Written between 1997 and 2011, some of these texts – such as the “Neen Manifesto” or the “Piracy Manifesto” – are widely known, many others are unpublished, and just came out from his computer. All of them contribute to portray a personality who had a strong influence on younger generations of artists, thanks to his impressive body of work – including paintings, videos, installations, prints, performances and, last but not least, websites – but also to his writings.

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Peter Mettler

Making the Invisible Visible/Das Unsichtbare sichtbar machen

“… a balance between intellect and intuition, order and chaos, action and perception.”

A collection of essays, excerpts from Mettler’s journals, photographs and statements by filmmakers, critics, musicians and artists exploring the cinema of Peter Mettler. Features contributions from Claudia Acklin, Atom Egoyan, Fred Frith, Philip Hoffman, Nicolas Humbert/Werner Penzel, Thomas Imbach, Fred Kelemen, Réal LaRochelle, Peter Liechti, Christie MacFayden, Bruce McDonald, Catherine Martin, Tom McSorley, Jean Perret, Jeremy Podeswa, Veronika Rail, Piplotti Rist, Patricia Rozema, Martin Schaub, Peter Weber, Peter Wintonick.

Edited by Salome Pitschen and Annette Schönholzer. Published by Reihe Andreas Züst & Verlag Ricco Bilger, Switzerland.

First edition, 1995. 160 pages, black and white. In English and German.21 cm x 25 cmISBN: 3.908010.93.4

€ 50,00 (Nuovo- New)

Shakespeare al cinema

A cura di Isabella Imperiali

2000, Bulzoni editore, 260 pag – ISBN: 978-88-8319-528-0

€ 20,00 (NEW)

Turi Simeti 1960-2010 Maretti                                                                             Turi Simeti 1960 – 2010

Testi di Bruno Corà e Sergio Troisi in italiano e inglese

126 pag, cm 24 x 22 x 1.2

Christian Maretti Editore

€ 30,00 (Nuovo- New)

Turi Simeti. Catalogo della mostra (Erice, 1996). Ediz. italiana e inglese

di Marco Meneguzzo edito da Charta, 1996

  • Pagine: 64

  • Peso gr: 320

  • Dimensioni mm: 240 x 220 x 7

  • ISBN-10: 8881580594

  • ISBN-13:  9788881580590

    € 60,00 (Nuovo- New) 

                                                                           Turi Simeti è nato ad Alcamo, in Sicilia, nel 1929. «Campo, spazio, superficie, pittura, linguaggio, forma, limite sono i parametri fisici e concettuali entro cui si muove la ricerca di Turi Simeti. Tra quanti si sono dedicati alle `tele sagomate` (Fontana, Castellani, Bonalumi, Kelly, Mangold…) Simeti ha scelto una delle strade più silenziose e meno violente, optando piuttosto per il versante elegante e minimale, che per quello della forza e del gesto dichiarati.» (Marco Meneguzzo)


                                                                             Il cinema di Jean-Marie Straub e Danièle Huillet 

“Quando il verde della terra di nuovo brillerà”    

A cura di Piero Spila

2001, Bulzoni, 359 pag.  

€ 30,00 (Nuovo- New)

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